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Payroll Administration Services

One of the human resource related problem for small businesses is making sure your payroll activities are processed smoothly, efficiently, confidentially and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Payroll processing such as overtime calculations, part-time workers, payslip generation as well as CPF computation are tedious but important details which can be complicated and confusing to small and medium businesses.

Our dedicated team comprise of highly experienced and qualified professionals will assist small businesses using reliable payroll software to meet the specific requirements of your company as well as managing and keeping pace with wage structure changes implemented by the Authorities.

Our payroll administration services are as follows:

  • Monthly payroll calculations.
  • Processing of CPF in compliance with CPF board rule and regulations.
  • Payslip generation.
  • Preparation of IR8A form.

" Make sure payroll administration never becomes a worry for your company! "